Episode 004 – Cultivate What Matters

Show Notes:

Have you ever gotten lost in Instagram land??? That was me in 2012, when I stumbled upon Lara Casey! I can’t wait for you to meet her and the heart behind her life, business and making God’s name famous! – Katie

Cultivate: http://laracasey.com/cultivate/
Powersheets: https://shop.cultivatewhatmatters.com/collections/2017-powersheets-and-accessories
Write the Word Journals: https://shop.cultivatewhatmatters.com/collections/journals
Southern Weddings: http://www.southernweddings.com
Her first book – Make it Happen – http://laracasey.com/book/
Making Things Happen Conference http://makingthingshappenintensive.com/
Her Blog: http://www.laracasey.com/blog
Summer Bucket List: http://bit.ly/2t4qt6v
Book Lara Recommends: 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You: Click Here

“Your environment should never prohibit you from seeking to be used by God.” – Julie Pearson

Who is Lara Casey

  • She started her business about 12 years ago that is very different than what it is now. She’s experienced a total transformation in her marriage and where her heart focus is. Because of that, her business has completely changed. They are now, one in the same.
  • “I am fascinated by transformation because of how my life has been transformed.”
  • “My life is a continual process of being cultivated right where I am”
  • Southern Weddings is where they help couples start marriages well and continue cultivating a strong marriage, after the wedding day.
  • She spends most of her time with Cultivate What Matters where they encourage women to cultivate what matters right where they are and take little steps toward God.
  • “The Little By Little Adds Up” – Lara Casey

There are so many joys to living in God’s Grace. God’s grace is not some nebulous thing that is a hall pass for mistakes. No, it is an active, living, every day, makes me change my motivation. When I start to feel imperfect or I’m not being the best ____ I can be. I have a grace gut check. Am I trying to live up to a standard that I’ve set or to God’s standard. Because if it’s God’s standard, then I don’t have to stress, I’ve already won with Him. He calls me to work and to work hard, but I don’t have to be perfect.

In the Season of Waiting – Dealing with Infertility

  • It was a painful season of waiting and relying on God and realizing that Good Things Grow in the Wait! His plans were always better than ours.
  • We just really surrendered to Him. Plant seeds in faith and realize that true love develops over time with choices and with little by little progress forward.
  • The Cultivate What Matters Transition
  • The shift happened because I didn’t want to get on that Instagram account and feel like I was selling products, because that’s not what we were doing, but because it had “shop” in the title I felt like we had to talk about shop things. We are telling people that there is a different way that they can think. You don’t have to live this way or under the false belief that you have to be perfect or have it all together.
  • Sometimes when you have intense heart change, there requires an outward change.
  • Saul ——> Paul

How Has Motherhood Changed over the Years?

  • Connectivity, parents are distracted in their phones or living in an identity online
  • We as parents have to make a choice and be really deliberate abut what sinks into our children’s hearts
  • Tips for parents struggling to put the phone down
  • If your eye offends you, cut it off…STOP IT!
  • If it is distracting you from loving your kids, imagine the seeds you are missing planting by being in your phone

A life giving boundary for Lara in Regards to Her Phone

  • Delete the Social Media apps and live a social media free weekend. She downloads them back when she feels like God has something for her to share.
  • It is so much more important to plant good seeds in the hearts of our children
  • Book Lara is Reading —> 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You
  • Social Media Can Be a Powerful Tool When Used for God’s Glory

Tips for the Mom Who is Working as Well

  • There’s no one size fits all. The lord has called us to follow him and work hard in your home, business, etc. The very best tip is to be with God and in constant prayer about how He wants you to do this. Have open hands with it.

Combat Comparison

  • It’s not that our to do list is too full. Our to do lists are too full because we’ve been comparing ourselves to other people.
  • God doesn’t want us to operate in comparison. We have a choice as to where we put the eyes of our heart and what we allow into those windows.

The Power Sheets

  • Came out of a season where I had so much on this list and then there was a mental list that never got tended to. Things that over time as they added up would grow good things, GOD THINGS.
  • She developed the power sheets because I needed a way to make sure I was making progress on the RIGHT things. It’s easy to get distracted, the point is, you just need to make sure you are constantly checking in with yourself and directing your energy where it needs to go.

Memories Take Hard Work

  • We have to be intentional about making the memories and spending time with each other.
  • God grows us in the hard, in the midst of making a choice every single day.

Good Goals are About Stewarding What You’ve Been Given Well

  • Look first at what you have. This is what you’ve been given. You’ve been given them to steward well.
  • It’s a lot more meaningful and satisfying to take care of the things you’ve been given.

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