Episode 008 – Hitting Religion Head On with Jason Sowell

Show Notes:
Florida native Jason Sowell has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 10 years and is a public speaker, published writer, nonprofit entrepreneur, missionary and wedding officiant. After participating in several overseas mission trips, Jason decided to focus his efforts on local U.S. cities by bringing hope to neighborhoods through tangible projects. In 2008, Jason founded Current Initiatives, a Tampa-based nonprofit organization with the mission of educating young adults on social initiatives while mobilizing them to bring about change.

Current’s most prevalent program, the Laundry Project, assists lower-income individuals and families by taking over a laundromat for a day and covering all expenses associated with and providing the necessary items required to wash and dry clothes and linens. Another Current program is Affordable Christmas, which is a seasonal initiative giving needy families and parents the opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for their children for no more than $10 an item. Studies show that purchasing gifts, rather than receiving them for free, gives empowerment and dignity to these working parents who simply need a hand up. Current’s third project, Hopes for Homes, provides complimentary remodeling and improvement work on homes owned by working class families facing financial challenges with home repairs and maintenance. Volunteers work to repair damaged roofs and porches, remodel kids’ rooms and bathrooms, update energy inefficient kitchens and more.

Instagram: @engagecurrent


  • Jason and being on stage (6:30)
  • It’s not up to us to be fixers (8:40)
  • Love Like Jesus (9:00)
  • Should para-church organizations exist? (11:40)
  • The Church & Missions (14:00)
  • Action – The Better Approach to Discipleship & Physical Needs (16:00)
  • What should Sunday mornings look like? (19:20)
  • Stop trying to change the world (23:20)
  • Navigating loving and proclaiming truth (26:30)
  • You aren’t defined by your sin (30:45)
  • The Religion Pull (34:50)
  • About Engage Current (36:30)
  • Affordable Christmas – Favorite Stories (44:05)

Author: Good Setters