Episode 009 – Share the Real You with Emily Roberts

Show Notes:

Emily Roberts is a southern momma of 2, soon to be 3, married to a US MARINE of 10 years who just recently got out as they moved back to Texas and built their dream home. She’s the youngest in her company at the tippy top and loves helping others the way Jesus teaches us to! She’s 27, a college graduate and a millennial who wants parents to know you can be a good parent and be successful!



  • Meet Emily (2:50)
  • Motherhood changed everything (5:32)
  • A Strong Voice (9:10)
  • Vulnerability and What You See is What You Get (13:00)
  • Your Vulnerability Checker (14:30)
  • Balance with business & technology & raising children (17:00)
  • How do you keep your focus and blinders on and not on comparison (19:20)
  • How are you instilling the values of faith, family and entrepreneurship in your young family? (21:00)
  • Grow a business while raising children (24:32)

Author: Good Setters