Episode 010 – Raising Strong Daughters

Show Notes:

Katie & Julie, the mother and daughter duo of the Good Setters, chats today with us about what it means to raise strong daughters today! This message applies to any mother whether you have a daughter or a son, but today let’s talk about those strong little women we are raising as mothers.

Julie & Katie in many ways, have been able to grow up together as mother and daughter. There have been ups and downs but today in their late 40s and 20s, they’re best friends!



  • Our heart (2:05)
  • Raising a strong female starts with being a strong female (3:28)
  • Modeling (4:14)
  • Have we glorified being a hot mess? (4:55)
  • The role of a submissive wife – Complementarian style in your marriage (7:17)
  • How our vulnerability will affect our daughters (10:40)
  • What is the digital legacy you’re leaving behind (11:50)
  • The value of little conversations and seeds we plant as parents (14:20)
  • You can be used right in the situation you’re in (15:10)
  • The opinion that really matters (16:05)
  • As parents be the teachers and the students (17:18)
  • How do you view other people? (21:00)
  • Raising Includers not Mean Girls (22:02)
  • The words you say and pray over your kids (23:16)
  • Prayers come to fruition (25:39)
  • Dealing with R.B.F. (27:30)
  • Does your face match the way you feel in the inside? (29:32)
  • We don’t have to be perfect, but be tuned into the One that is and what your next step is (29:58)
  • Takeaways (30:48)

Author: Good Setters