Episode 011 – Men Raising Men

Show Notes:

Darren & Zach, the father and son duo, are chatting about men raising men and how to parent your son through all seasons of life, the early years, the school years, and the adult years. They are best friends and super close, but they don’t always agree on everything. Both are their own men and they like it that way!



  • Earliest childhood memories from Zach’s perspective – “Getting eye level with your kids” (4:20)
  • Raising boys and girls are not the same (6:50)
  • What it means to be an adventurer and a conqueror (7:30)
  • Raise men to take ownership and authority (10:20)
  • The transition from the early years to school years & how the parental style shifts (12:45)
  • The consultative approach to raising a family (15:30)
  • A new Good Setter in the making – Zach & Jesslyn Pearson expecting baby #1 (17:50)
  • University years, being a resource and consultant for your kids (19:30)
  • Respecting boundaries (23:50)
  • Parents have to respect the boundaries that are set (28:50)
  • The secret to getting the most time with your grown children (29:45)
  • Grandparent boundaries (30:45)
  • Who is Jesus (32:45)
  • Following Christ is not convenient (34:40)
  • As fathers we have to be a mirror of God and what He thinks of our kids (37:55)

Author: Good Setters