Episode 012 – Sharing the Gospel

Show Notes:

Rev. David Abraham is a speaker, ministry consultant, the catalyst behind NOW and the co-founder of Revive. David’s life has been forever changed by an encounter with Jesus and as a result, David loves introducing others to an encounter with Jesus and teaching people how to live in the awareness that they are deeply loved by God.



  • Do we understand the Gospel, truly?! (4:52)
  • The inconvenience of being a disciple of Jesus (6:11)
  • Strategy for sharing Jesus authentically (9:42)
  • The Green Stopper Story #starbucks (13:48)
  • Creating a habit of constant communication with God (16:32)
  • The scene on college campuses (18:45)
  • How the local church is failing our millennials (20:55)
  • Can you wear jeans to church?!? (23:10)
  • How to communicate a message that never changes and a culture that’s always changing (28:15)
  • Focusing on engaging our world and living life on mission (33:05)
  • PUBLIX!!!! Texas is great but it would be greater if we had Publix (33:50)
  • HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! #tinygoodsetter (34:25)
  • NOW & REVIVE (35:43)
  • Connect with David (37:55)
  • The real question…#gogators (38:23)

Author: Good Setters